Carsoft developes On-Board diagnostic systems and repair assistance for BMW,Mercedes,VAG vehicles

Who we are

Since 1992 , CARSOFT has become the best known name in INDEPENDENT automotive diagnostic software. It started in 1988 when BMW equipped all their cars with an on-board diagnostic system. From that day on, a dark period had started for many independent workshops, who were confronted with all kinds of problems on the cars of their customers.

Problems that they could not fix anymore, due to the fact that it was almost impossible to find out what was wrong , without the OFFICIAL BMW DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM Called “MODIC” And even worse , suppose they were clever enough to find the faults in the car, by them selves, they still needed to go to an official BMW workshop to RESET the electronic Control units to make sure that the car could run properly again and that the lights on the instrument panel would go out. From that day on , the name INDEPENDENT workshop had become, only a name of the past, who sometimes, still appeared on the outside of some workshops , but in the inside you could only find DEPENDENCY. The glorious independent Specialist, became more and more the puppet on the string of the official BMW workshops, who often saw it as a sport to give a little bit service to the “puppet” who bought the most spare parts .

What we do

The Company CARSOFT saw the needs of many workshops and in 1989 they decided, to develop a good alternative for a low price. An alternative for everybody who was interested in fixing and serving the “BEAMERS” without any official help It was an extreme difficult task, but at the end of the year 1991, the CARSOFT engineers finally, successfully finished their first job : THE FIRST COMPUTERIZED DIAGNOSTIC ALTERNATIVE FOR BMW VEHICLES was ready to enter the market. With the help of an IBM compatible computer (286 and up) , the CARSOFT software and the CARSOFT diagnostic cable , everybody became able to read out faults in Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) of all the BMW vehicles that were on the market at that time .It became a success in workshops all over the world A few years later CARSOFT developed and introduced , together with many New BMW up-dates , the CARSOFT diagnostic system for MERCEDES vehicles and later , the CARSOFT diagnostic system for VAG vehicles .

At the end of 2001 the CARSOFT systems were running in about 7500 workshops, in more then 10 different languages , all over the world . These numbers are growing every day , due to the fact that CARSOFT permanently tries to fill in the needs of the workshop who wants to become and stay more and more INDEPENDENT of the official Mercedes , BMW or VAG Service Networks.

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